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BAS made easy…

Get an instant file progress view on your BAS!


Tired of juggling the BAS rush whilst keeping up with your day to day work?

Are you frustrated at having to remind your clients when their BAS is due?

Sick of the manual process of checking a clients file, only to find out:

  • there are unreconciled transactions
  • payruns are not up to date
  • wages haven’t been paid correctly
  • the BAS payment hasn’t been allocated correctly

Product Features

If you’re spending more time chasing clients than doing the work, then we’ve got you covered. Let us show you where to put your focus.

With BAS Ready, you’ll say goodbye to stress and the hours wasted on following up clients and staff. With a simple overview of the status of key BAS data, you’ll know exactly which jobs to start and what in the file needs your focus. With auto-reminders, we’ll tell your client when their BAS is due and remind them what they need to do to prepare it for lodgement.

You’ll never have to worry about falling behind in your BAS lodgements. With a simple interface and up to date data, we’ll ensure that you always have a clear overview of the status of each job, so you can stay on top of your workload and focus on the real work.


Less Time. Less Stress.

More Success.

Simple XERO Integration

Authenticate your XERO account and select mulitple organisations you want to add. In just a few minutes you’re set up and ready to go.

Seconds from Action

At a glance you’ll know what’s next. Process the BAS, prompt the client, or prioritise for later.

Single Screen Simplicity

All the data you need to assess the readiness of a BAS for processing brought to a single screen.


Free Updates

As we update BAS Ready, your access to these new features will be updated automatically.

Save time!

Xero Data – 100% Visibility

You spend more time clicking in and around XERO trying to understand the status of each individual BAS than you do actually completing the work. BAS Ready solves this! It surfaces all the critical data in a single and simple dashboard.

Month View

In a single screen, get clarity on the status of each BAS for the month.


Status at a glance

When the bank transactions are reconciled and payroll is up to date, the job marks itself as “ready to start”. In just a single screen you can see exactly what files are ready for you to action, and which ones need a little more love and attention. Once a job is complete, you can hide it from view so you can focus on what’s relevant.


Notifications on auto-pilot!

(Coming Soon)

If something needs a clients attention, you’re a single click away from sending them a friendly “nudge”.

Team Update

Get scheduled status reports sent to your team, which provide notifications on new jobs to start.

Client Reminders

Generate and send simple emails for clients who need a friendly reminder to get you what you need.



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